Visions of Hope


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I love Spring. Spring represents new beginnings, so I felt it only fitting to give my blog a makeover. Please take a few moments and have a look around and let me know what you think!

In celebration of Spring and new beginnings, I'm thrilled to present to you the first necklace in my new series entitled, "Visions of Hope". Each handmade wire nest contains three eggs. The eggs represent part of the Creator's vision of the world. One egg is for love, one for joy and one for peace, granting the wearer a reminder of how the world can be when every person has hope.

Click on the picture to view the listing for this item!

Over the next few weeks I will be listing more of these and other new pieces I've been working on, including the much requested bracelets!

In addition to my jewelry posts, you'll be seeing more posts about me, the artist, a glimpse into my personal life as well as the various groups and causes I'm involved with and believe in.

At the beginning of this weekend I set 5 goals. I still have a full day of my weekend left and I've accomplished all 5 goals!

1. Make at least 2 sales.
2. Give my blog a makeover.
3. Post a new blog.
4. Make new items.
5. List new items.

I think I'll spend the rest of my Sunday sleeping, watching the Angela Shelton Live Show, and tweeking my blog a bit more.

I leave you with two questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about Spring?
2. What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?

Let me know in the comments below!

Pure Heart Soap


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Pure Heart Soap is definitely one of the most unique soap shops I've come across. Each bar is made of clear, vegetable glycerin soap with 3D soap artwork embedded into them!

Pure Heart Soap contributed an adorable sized sample bar of Sweet Pea soap to the March Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box.

Sweat Pea has a light, refreshing and sweet scent, feels great on the skin and leaves no residue!

Sweat Pea

These soaps are truly works of art. It's hard to believe that the entire bar is made completely of glycerin soap!

Kitty Cats

Canadian Flag

Barnyard Farm Pets

This is just a small sampling of what this unique shop has to offer. To see more please visit

Sweet Delight Indeed!



Like many, I LOVE shopping handmade. Handmade items are so much more unique and you can feel that the artist really put their heart and soul into their products. I find shopping for handmade clothing and accessories to be a breeze, but when it comes to pampering myself with bath and body treats, it's difficult - I don't like strong overpowering scents and I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful with what products I use. Or perhaps you're trying to expand your business but you aren't sure how to reach a wider target audience.

Luckily, there is an answer no matter your dilema! Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes! E-tailers can send in their packaged samples and promotional coupons to be included in the sample boxes at no charge. The ladies at Sweet Delight will take care of the rest! For buyers who prefer to "try before you buy", at just $25 CDN including shipping, they are an extremely affordable way to try at least 10-15 different products!

I purchased a box in March and I was definitely not disappointed with the variety and selection. The box was overflowing with soap, lotion, jewelry, candles, coupons, and more! It truly does feel like a special occasion when you open one of these boxes!

For more info, please visit the following links:
Website: Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes
Facebook: Sweet Delight Fan Page
Blog: Delightful Divas In Business
Twitter: @delightfuldivas

Over the coming days I will be featuring a different artist/product as well as a review so be sure to check back often!

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year! I hope that 2010 is a healthy, joyous and prosperous year for all of you!




If you've taken the pledge to buy handmade this holiday season and wouldn't mind saving a couple of dollars then I've got a sale for you!

From November 23rd through November 30th, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $20!

I'll be adding new items to my shop this week so be sure to check back often!

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