Gamble Everything For Love Pendant #3


The past few days have been rather "difficult" but as always, I'm fortunate enough to find that "zone" where all of my stresses and worries just vanish as I create. It really IS therapeutic!

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying making these pendants! I plan on posting one a day to help me get back into the routine of blogging.

I'm not sure if these pieces will end up on Etsy or not, as I've been invited to participate in a month long exhibition showcasing handmade clothing and jewelry from various artists in the region. I'm strongly considering entering these pieces into the exhibition, but I'll likely made some more in a different style and post them to Etsy in the near future. I will definitely keep you posted and will provide more details on the exhibition as I receive it :)

This heart was handmade using 20g magenta ColourCraft wire, a wire jig and a black glass dice bead.

Gamble Everything For Love Pendant #3
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