Yikes! I knew it had been awhile since I had updated, but...I didn't realize it had been so long!

So many things have happened over the past few months, and now that things are finally starting to settle down, I'm able to start thinking about my business again.

Truth be told, I think I'm going to move away from Etsy - I know a lot of people who have had success there, but the jewelry category is soooo saturated that even if I had the money to relist items, they'd be bumped to page 8 in no time flat. I also want to be able to send my customers to one site where they can find everything, quickly and easily. I'm working full-time during the day and my evenings are usually spent either watching past episodes of LOST or playing Guitar Hero with my roommate. I tend to create mostly on the weekends but lately my creativity has been on it's own deserted island...

Which, really, kind of sucks. Well not kind of - it really does suck. I just need some inspiration but it seems as though most of my resources in that area are tapped dry. That's probably why I'm more focused on the marketing side of things right now - thinking about new business cards, a website, etc. Generate more interest and hopefully more sales.

The great thing about Blogger is that once I have my own site up and running I'll still be able to have my blog there without having to copy and paste the old entries or starting new, and people can still "follow" me as well. I just need to find a reliable, economical, Canadian web hosting service and have a chat with my father and I should have a great looking website in no time.

But yes...changing gears here, I'm joining the LOST craze a little late in the game. When there's a lot of hype about a television show, movie or band I tend to stay away. Weird, I know. My roommate has the first 4 seasons on DVD so I'm lucky to be able to see it right from the beginning, and even luckier that he doesn't mind watching episodes he's seen before. Every second or third episode, I find myself turning to him and saying, "Wow, you know, this show is -really- freakin' good!"

I just finished watching an episode and was laughing at myself because I kept jumping and exclaiming "Wait...what?! Oh my gosh! WHOA!"...thankfully my roommate was already sound asleep on the couch so the teasing can occur at some other point in time.

Now that the sunny weather is here, I'm hoping to get some fabulous pictures of my jewelry and I'm hoping the warm weather and cool breezes will be a constant source of inspiration over the summer months and into the fall. I'm already thinking of things to do for the blog to make sure that even if I don't post a novel length blog, there's always new content here so please, bear with me - a few more weeks at the most, I promise, while I get everything figured out, organized and under control. :)

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Dude, I only started watching lost last year, it was so nice having a ton of episodes to catch up on. It's a great show. Now it sucks having to wait each week for an episode, but it sucks even more cause this season is over. I hear that next season is the last!!!

We're still only on season 4. Commercial free episodes rock! I wonder what kind of spin-offs the producers will come up with after the show is over?