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Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for December


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It seems a lot of people are listing their Top 10 Entrecard Droppers, and I thought I'd share the love and do the same! Thank you to my Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for the month of December. Hopefully you’ll be one of my Top 10 Entrecard Droppers next month!

Dropper # of drops
Alteredevents 29
My gypsygoods 22
Spotted Cow Soaps 20
Rose Works Jewelry Blog 11
The Copper Cauldron 7
BadGalsRadio 5
Lenox Knits 5
DasheryJewelry 5
Crafts,kids, home and life 5
Sharon Hart 4

Once again, thank you to my Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for December!

My Holidays In Review


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Well I'm back after a busy three days visiting my family who live an hour and a half away. I believe I saw the whole crew save two of three people. Whew!

I had a very pleasant surprise shortly after I arrived at my father's house - my 5 year old nephew and 2 year old niece came to have a sleep over! We all opened our Christmas presents and it was so fun to see their reactions :) I was woken up at 5 am by the sounds of my niece and nephew fighting. They shared a blow-up mattress in the same room I was sleeping in and my niece was sleeping with her head on my nephew's pillow. I lay still and listened and tried my best not to burst out laughing. Here's the actual fight:

Nephew: Please get your head off my pillow.
Niece: *mumbles and moans*
Nephew: Why are you so grumpy? Please get your head off my pillow!
Niece: Stoooop!
Nephew: Do you want me to go to your birthday party? If you don't get your head off my pillow I won't go! I asked you - do you want me to go to your birthday party?!
Niece: NO!!
*Nephew starts sobbing*
Niece: Why are you crying?
Nephew: You hurted my feelings! You don't want me at your birthday party! *still sobbing*
Niece: Fine, I'll move over.

I thought I was going to wet myself listening to the two of them go at it LOL They settled back down and we all went back to sleep until 7 am when my father whispered my niece's name. I jumped about 50 feet when I heard her yell "POPPA!!" They both scampered down the stairs and I fell back to sleep until shortly after 11 am when I heard my niece screaming, "Auntie Ne-Nessa! It's time to get up!" Apparently I wasn't getting up as quickly as she would have liked since she screamed it about 20 times. I could hear my step-mother telling her that I would get up when I was ready and my niece telling her that I just wasn't listening LOL!

We spent the rest of the time I was there running errands and visiting various family members. The drive there and back home was nice - the roads were a bit wet but there was no snow or ice to worry about, and the weather was nice sunny for the most part both days that I was traveling.

My handmade beaded ornaments were a hit and I have a few people wanting me to do workshops on them next year so I'm quite pleased with that. I also received my first cheque from one of the shops where I have my jewelry on consignment and was pleased to discover that 5 of my pieces from my first shipment sold. They returned the items that didn't sell so I have to check with the art gallery and see if they will display them and if they don't have the room they will be listed on Fluttering Designs.

I have a lot of great ideas for Fluttering Designs in 2009, but I think I'll save those for another blog post :)

How was YOUR holiday season? What did you do? Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments section :)

Happy 2009!!!