Update on the furbaby


For those of you who were in the Plugger's United chat over on BlockHead Radio at the start of the show, I apologize for my panicked early departure.

Since the end of September I've been having to bring one of my cats back and forth to the vet on a fairly regular basis. He has what they call idiopathic cystitis - from what I understand it's a lower urinary tract infection with no known origin. He'll go for about a week of behaving normally and then he starts showing signs of a partial blockage. The last time I brought him in he was near death - if a male cat becomes fully blocked they usually have 24-36 hours to live. Thankfully I'm a bit obsessive with my cats so I notice the second something is wrong.

After speaking with a few friends and my mother I decided to take it easy for the rest of last night and get him in to the vet first thing this morning. I had to think about some difficult choices last night, including putting him to sleep. It's not fair to make him go through the rest of his life in that kind of annoying pain. After speaking with the vet today she assured me that we would not have to take this route any time soon. She gave him a shot of antibiotics, and told me to stay home with him today if possible just to make sure he doesn't have any reactions and to put him at ease (and myself as well).

I had to leave work to take him in and at that point I was still in the "I'm going to have to say goodbye to my furbaby" state of mind so I was an emotional basketcase. I spoke to my acting supervisor, explained my fears and was told to take him to the vet and we'd go from there. When I returned to work my acting supervisor told me to take the rest of the day as a vacation day.

I've had an extremely stressful few weeks and I'm mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

I was asked before I left chat to let everyone know how the kitty made out so here's your update. I want to thank Rod and the whole crew for their kind thoughts, well wishes and words of encouragement. I am so blessed to have found such a great community!

For now though, I must get some rest.


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(((Fluttering))), a few hugs for all you have been going through. It is GREAT news that he is going to be ok!

We have 6 cats & 1 dog and know it is a horrible and helpless type of feeling because they cannot verbally speak. Luckily, they have us who "know" them well enough to grasp when something is not right.

Sending warm thoughts for you and your furbabies.


Lily! *hugs* You hit the nail right on the head my dear - the worst part is not being able to have that verbal communication with him - though he does meow back sometimes when I talk to him :)

Thanks so much for your continued warm thoughts - both the furbaby and I appreciate it :)


So glad to know your kitty is doing okay! We have three cats and three dogs (gets a bit hectic 'round here) so I know how one does worry.

Scratches behind the ears for your fur baby :)

PS Make the penguins do the shoveling.