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Don't you just love that "Oh CRAP, I forgot to buy Suzie a holiday gift!" feeling? Me too!

I had one of those moments earlier this week. My trip to visit my father and step-mother has been postponed for a few days thanks to the weird and wacky weather we're currently receiving. While I was talking to one of my friends, the realization that I had completely blanked on her when it was time for me to do my gift shopping hit. Luckily for me, my creative juices started flowing at the exact same moment. Awkward moment averted! SUCCESS!

I pulled out a couple of ornament kits and went to work. As the ornaments were being created, the list of recipients was growing rather quickly which only helped to maintain the creative flow.

The creative zone is one that brings me much joy, peace and calm. It's very rare that I will only create one thing in one sitting - I usually end up making two or three different items out of the beads! The past few nights were no exception. Not only did I make the ornaments, the packaging was also created by yours truly!

I enjoyed creating these ornaments so much that I'm already starting to plan workshops around the idea for next year. WOOT!

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Great ornaments! That's something I'm thinking about doing next year... You ROCK :)

Thanks Ruthie! :)