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A few days ago, a fellow Plugger's United Team member, Unique Commodities, sent me a message letting me know that I had been featured on her blog. Since I was busy most of this weekend doing the whole Christmas party thing I wasn't able to check my e-mails until this evening.

Imagine my delight when I went to her blog and saw that not only had I been featured on her blog, another team member, PTFMGraphicsShop, included my Wood & Copper Necklace in a treasury on Etsy! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!?

Lets also give a big WOOT WOOT to Unique Commodities for winning tonight's giveaway during the Artisans for Artisans show on Blockhead Radio! She won 12 months of FREE advertising from the King Plugger Lugger himself!

For just $5 a month you can get your very own 125x125 ad listed here!

Also, while chatting tonight in the Artisans for Artisans show on Blockhead Radio, I coined a phrase that immediately "stuck" (yes, the pun was totally intended!)...snuggles, huggles and butt bubbles! Wonder if I can talk Rod into paying me a royalty fee every time he uses that saying on air? LOL!

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congrats on your features! I hope that they bring you many sales!

LOL! A royalty, eh? You crack me up!

How are those new models the polar bears working out for ya?

I'll send ya a t-shirt when we get them made up.....

Thanks so much for the kudos! and YES I am SUPER excited about my winning! I love the Pay it Forward spirit of the Pluggers United Team! Rod and Huck are absolutely incredible! I wish I could meet them in person!

Thanks Leah! :)

Witchy, you would not believe how high maintenance they are! "I need my fur combed, I need my nails filed...I didn't order lobster, I wanted FISH!" Once I get the jewelry on them (they're not so cool with the earrings LOL) they are in awe of what they call "the shiny".

Rod you are too freaking awesome did you know that? I'm so appreciative for all that you, Huck and Witchy have done for us!

Unique - With the quick rate at which this community is growing I think I'm safe in saying that there will be Plugger's United meetups - maybe your wish will come true :)