A great giveaway!


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AGoodWitchToo is having a fabulous soap giveaway on her blog, The Copper Cauldron. Anyone can enter, contest ends December 1st. You don't want to miss out on this giveaway folks!

These soaps will surely help you "wash away the wicked"!

Art Gallery Fun!



Today I stopped in at the local art gallery to see my jewelry display in the exhibit currently going on and to submit some pieces for consignment in the little store in the gallery. I only expected them to take 4 or 5 pieces but they took everything I brought in! I was pleasantly surprised to say the very least! I was also asked if I'd be interested in volunteering in the little store for 4 hours a week so we're setting that up and seeing if there's a way for me to bring some beads and supplies in with me and create while I watch the store front. Fun!

Of course I had to take some pictures of my display in the exhibit :)

Me trying to look semi-serious...

Me doing my Vana White impression...

YAY! My jewelry on display!

Exciting news!



I received some very exciting news this week. Not only is my jewelry on display in an exhibition at one of the local art galleries, they're also asking me to bring some jewelry in to sell in the little store in the art gallery! I'm bringing some pieces in tomorrow and we'll go over the pricing and displays and I'll get to see my jewelry in the exhibit! I'm going to bring my camera :)

I've also been asked by the out of town shop where I sell my jewelry on consignment to send as much as I possibly can to them within the next two weeks. I've already made 10 pairs of angel earrings and I have a bunch of necklaces already made so it's just a matter of sitting down and writing an inventory and pricing list and shipping it off.

I'm hoping that my online shop, Fluttering Designs, soon sees a boost in sales! I've been really lucky with some online giveaways so I'm hoping that's a sign of things to come.

I'm going to be dedicating a whole other blog post to the different items I've won and purchased on Etsy.com so stay tuned for that later this week!

Welcome to Fluttering Designs!



Thank you so much for stopping by this little blog of mine! I've been making jewelry for a little over a year. I was bored one night so I decided to try and create a beaded tree using wire, seed beads, bugle beads, glass hearts and glass leaves which I wrapped around a chunk of amethyst. I then added two Lapis Lazuli and Garnet gemstone chips to the end of each "branch". I was pretty pleased with the results given it was the first time I had attempted such a thing!

Then I started thinking about making gemstone chip trees and then I had a brilliant idea: I could make gemstone chip necklaces and earrings and it has only grown from there.

I began taking pictures of my jewelry and posting them to my Facebook account and soon afterwards I was receiving messages from my friends all over the US and Canada asking if I was selling my jewelry online. I had been selling my jewelry on consignment in a local New Age store so I had no idea where to go until a friend suggested esty.com and I set up my shop in February of this year.

I consider myself to be a very creative person and when I'm not creating jewelry, I'm typically playing acoustic guitar (...by play, I mean that I totally butcher the songs...) or editing videos of friends and family.

Please feel free to flutter along with me!